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Why Us


JMS ROGERS® is a brand established in 2004 as a dedicated Debt Recovery & Collection entity. Known for providing a valued professional service catered to all forms of corporate and individual customers, in recovering goods and monies owed. Over the years, we have achieved the recognition as the leading Singapore-based Debt Recovery & Collection Entity.

JMS ROGERS® is trademarked and we have affiliated companies with granted licenses to operate under the JMS ROGERS® umbrella of corporations.

With our consistently high success rate of 85-90%, we stand by our commitment to provide the best service and value for our clients. Rest assured, we’re committed to achieving your objectives when you engage us.

JMS ROGERS® upholds a well-respected reputation in Singapore, as well as other parts of South-east Asia such as Malaysia and Indonesia. We also have several affiliates around the world for support and field engagement.

Having been featured on the news & media numerous times, our image and dominance in the industry is indisputable.



Members and staff of JMS ROGERS® maintain professionalism through various training and upgrading sessions. We emphasize on providing a discreet yet effective service to our clients, while respecting the dignity of their debtors.

We exercise creative and professional debt recovery methods without undue harassment or harm. That is our distinction against other, inferior, service providers. Our Field Enforcement Officers are trained and certified by our in-house trainers who have decades of extensive legal, professional and customer-oriented experience.

We ensure that our clients’ name and image would never be tarnished under any circumstances, and that it will always be held in high esteem. JMS ROGERS® also takes great effort to ensure that our processes and methods are in compliance with our various regulations and legislation, including the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).



JMS ROGERS® is a strong and bold brand.  We have several affiliated company granted operation license under the JMS ROGERS® umbrella.  We also welcome new franchises under our licensing wing, do contact us if you're interested to be part of our successful chain of companies.



JMS ROGERS® is a one-stop centre for a range of debt management services ranging from investigative, enforcement, recovery and mediation work. We also specialize in anti-scam, anti-illegal loan-shark harassment cases and skip tracing.

As each case differs, nature of debt and personal circumstances of debtor, all cases given to us undergo a tedious assessment process which consists of various investigative procedures.

JMS ROGERS® associates with other professional associates such as private investigators and has a panel of solicitors / lawyers at our disposal. The networking of service providers working together ensures the most cost-effective solution for our clients.

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We look forward to be working with you in future.