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Distressed Landlord on Unauthorized Sub-letting

Distressed Landlord on "Unauthorized Sub-letting" & "Over Crowding of Residential Premises

A distressed local landlord recently came forward for our assistance on a case of 'unauthorized sub-letting' and 'over-crowding of residential premises'.

The Landlord had only rented out his premises to an individual, but a few months later the Landlord discovered his unit had been illegally sub-let out to multiple individuals causing overcrowding at the unit. The tell-tale clues were that the tenant began to make consistently late rental payments and also payments were coming from different individuals instead of the tenant himself.

Initial investigations on the following day revealed that the person who signed the tenancy agreement had absconded, leaving his two associates who are not even the tenants of the unit to handle the illegal sub-letters.

When questioned, the associates of the tenant verbally threatened the Landlord with physical violence and refused to leave the unit. The few attempts by the landlord to personally contact the people at the unit were met with hostile intimidation from the sub-letters too.

With the entrustment of the case to us from our client, we acted swiftly with the "Warrant to Act" and commenced enforcement action to help the landlord vacate the unit. On the very same day, we have managed to communicate with the associates of the tenant and gave them three days’ notice period to vacate the unit and to restore it to original condition.

Meanwhile, we advised our client to put up a "Notice of Eviction" at the unit, also sent via registered mail to the address, and made a police report on the matter, so as to avoid complications and to also to protect our client’s interests.

Due to the high sensitivity of the case, JMS Rogers sent two teams of operations personnel, both uniformed and non-uniformed, taking all necessary precautions including discreet supervision of the eviction process to ensure the illegal occupants had peacefully vacated the unit.

The landlord was able to regain possession of the unit and had the door locks changed immediately.

JMS Rogers wishes to highlight to the public to be aware of such cases where single individuals can aim to rent out your property illegally to sub-letters and cause unmanageable problems later on including the unwitting harboring of illegal immigrants. The importance of water-tight clauses and terms in your tenancy contracts is therefore critical in this aspect.

Also if for some reason the tenant is not in direct communications with you for two months, it is a red flag for you to begin close monitoring of your premises.