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Interview with Straits Times - Suisse International Pte Ltd Gold Scam Uncovered

Interview with Straits Times - Suisse International Pte Ltd Gold Scam Uncovered

Straits Time interview with our Roger and the Ground specialist' regards to the recent Gold Scam involving Million over dollars. While the case is still ongoing with out field team digging and discovering many other intresting information from the ground.

A Multi Million dollar scam that has affected as many as 30 Singaporeans has been uncovered.The Company known as Suisse International Pte Ltd( Suisse for short) has been revealed to be a part of a very complex network across Asia designed to con individuals through promises of incredibly high return on investment rates made by investments in gold. This very well thought out scheme by it's masterminds has been operating in Singapore long enough to convince families to part with their hard earned cash savings, in return for excessively high and impossible returns.

JurisEQ Intl, a debt recovery agency and subsidiary of the JMS ROGERS group, would like to warn and inform the public of this ongoing scam, as the perpetrators have yet to be dealt with by the authorities. Our clients, Mr Kevin and wife, Cindy (names have been changed due to ongoing official investigations) are victims of Suisse Intl Pte Ltd- an entity that operates other interests that include but is not limited to the following:

  • Suisse Mint
  • Suisse Coin
  • Icon Group Solutions

Ms.Cindy was introduced to Belinda Hah, the Sales Vice President of Suisse International. Ms.Hah had convinced Ms.Cindy about the profitability in making investments in gold and sought to further convince Ms.Cindy into making an investment under her firm.Ms.Cindy and her husband, Kevin subsequently entrusted Ms.Hah with a significant sum of money for the purpose of said investment, one that caused them to be financially ruined.

The bait for Ms.Cindy and Mr.Kevin was a promise of incredibly high rates of returns on their invested sum. One that was made convincing enough with drawn up guarantees and documents to act as proof of legitimacy. Little did the unsuspecting and trusting couple know, that this was a standard modus operandi by the company as proven in various Account Statements issued by Suisse Intl Pte Ltd. Suisse International Pte Ltd (hereon known as Suisse) is a registered company in Singapore known to be dealing with gold investment with high returns, gold coin auctions, and sales of luxury watches. Currently, it has been listed on the Investor Alert List by the Monetary Authority of Singapore(MAS) From the information we have gathered,

Suisse HK Limited (Hong Kong registered) is also part of this vast network that has yet to be fully unravelled. We were informed by Ms.Cindy and Mr.Kevin that they had received a letter from the Management of Suisse HK Limited in October 2014 stating that Suisse HK Limited had decided to cease all sales transactions, and all agents' services thereof had also been terminated. It was further stated that as an act of good will from the company, all investors and/or customers would still be entitled to their bonuses. Jeffrey Chow ( Director of the entire Suisse group of companies) mentioned during his meeting in September 2014 that DBS Bank had shut down the company's bank account and the company's agent has to bring in revenue via other means. This statement was most likely a delaying tactic to convince the victims that payments or restitutions would be made if the company could have access to it's cash flow, or a ruse to attempt to acquire more funds from it's victims that believed they would really see a payout on their invested capital.

In November 2014, Kevin and Cindy met Ms.Hah and Jeffrey Chow in Suisse's office at Jackson Square, Toa Payoh. During this meeting, Chow had promised to make some payment to Cindy by November 2014. Subsequently, they didn't keep their word and "payment" was delayed with excuses after excuses. One of which, as told to Kevin and Cindy by Hah, was that there was a "leak of information" on the company's activities and operations and therefore, they would not make any payments to the couple.Kevin and Cindy have since filed a police report. They have also engaged us, Juris EQ Intl Pte Ltd due to our specialty in handling fraudulent corporate scams. After weeks of carrying out in depth investigations into the activities of Suisse Intl Pte Ltd and their other known operations, further findings reflected a startling discovery: more than 20 victims in Singapore alone have fallen victim to this scam by Suisse Intl Pte Ltd and it's affiliated companies, and the amount of losses from the victims involves millions of dollars.

Upon gathering information through various extensive investigation procedures, Enforcement Officers from Juris EQ Intl alongside Investigative Officers under JMS Rogers, visited Suisses offices. They attempted to meet with Chow, Hah or Michael Ng (another Sales Vice President) but to no avail. The case is now being handled by the authorities and JMS ROGERS, and soon enough, justice will be meted out and hopefully restituitions made to the affected individuals in this matter.

JurisEQ Intl is committed and dedicated to bringing a resolutive end to this fraudulent network that has targeted the unsuspecting citizens of this country.We will continue to pursue this matter with our full attention and resources and the help of the relevant government agencies. We would like to appeal to members of the public for more information on the management of the Suisse network, or if you are aware of any more affected victims to come forward and speak with us. All information given will be private and confidential and our full support and assistance will be offered to aid anyone with similar difficulties related to this matter. Juris EQ Intl as powered by JMS ROGERS.