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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do Debt Collectors do?
A. We professionally recover Monies and Goods owed by debtors that are rightfully yours. We also provide third party payment collection services, for corporate and individual clients.

Q. Why should I use such a service?
A. Professional debt recovery is a faster and far cheaper process than Legal Process. We are also able to gather intelligence from the ground on the respective debtors and advise our clients accordingly.

Q. Why use JMS Rogers® better than using other Services?
A. JMS Rogers® is a debt collection specialists company and has been in the business for a long time. With us, your problem is not merely just another case. Unlike others, we have a dedicated team of Field Officers that will investigate your debtor’s ability to pay-up and locate him/her/them in cases where the debtor has moved away from their registered address. With our Field Officers working 24/7, we are able to contact debtor clients quicker thus speeding up the Collection process.

Q. What if my Client does not want to pay up?
A. We will discuss with the respective debtors a payment program that suits both parties best. We will get to the debtor at all costs and within all legal means! Using the latest wireless technology, we are able to collect payment from anywhere in Singapore wirelessly. Payment forms accepted includes Nets & Credit Cards too.

Q. Do we provide Legal Advice?
A. Yes. However, in accordance with the Legal Profession Act (Cap.161), we do not charge for such services. Do take note that we are not able to commence any legal proceedings, on your behalf, against any party. We have a panel of legal advisers that will assist, only if required.

Q. How successful has JMS Rogers® been?
A. We have achieved almost 85% recovery from 2004 till today. However, we acknowledge that some cases cannot be settled due to death/incapacity/bankruptcy.

Q. Does JMS Rogers® do overseas assignments?
A. Yes. We have affiliates located in Malaysia, China, Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, India & Thailand, among others. In doing so, we have local knowledge of the country and the legal systems within. This gives us an edge over other collectors who do not understand the locality and local culture.

Q. Will my company name be revealed if we engage JMS Rogers®?
A. No. Your company name will not be revealed or published by JMS Rogers®. We follow a strict code of conduct and believe in being discreet to all parties.

Q. How will JMS Rogers® update me on my case?
A. We will provide weekly updates and reports on the progress of your case. This will be done via email/fax/post/tele-conversations.

Q. How can I contact JMS Rogers®?
A. For a confidential consultation, contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or through our online form here. In the alternative, you may Whatsapp us at Tel: +65-97568880 or +65-98306744.